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Why one barrel may be all you need to go shooting

Over and Under or Side by Side? This is the choice that most people make whenpicking a shotgun. But very few ever consider the single shot. But why would you…

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How health tests affect dog breeding

This is a great article from Gundog Journal giving a different perspective on dog breeding. The discussion here is on health testing in Gundogs. As we all may or may…

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The life of a Shepard in the UK

While we sit indoors, life in rural Britain continues. Rural communities continue to work to provide the produce that we’re consuming at home. Farmers of all varieties continue their early…

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How to reduce your dogs shedding

Working from home for the first time in a while I’ve realized how much time I spend sweeping up dog hair. Looking at the amount of hair swept up I’d…

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Using dogs to prevent the spread of Corona Virus

As some of you may know The Shoot App donated two puppies to the Medical Detection Dogs charity last year. The charity does amazing work in using the dog’s nose…

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The Country Food Trust is fighting the Corona Virus

We are all experiencing the effects of the Corona Virus at the moment. Luckily, many of us have the chance to stay at home with our families. However, for many…

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How will Corona virus affect shooting

While we all begin isolation many of us will be looking to see if we are able to shoot. This is a contentious issue, as while the guidance is to…

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