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Making a shotgun with Holland and Holland

There’s something incredibly satisfying about watching something come together from raw materials. In this video, we watch the process of Holland and Holland making a shotgun in their workshop. Whether…

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How hard is it to shoot a rifle at long range

Everyone who shoots is competitive either with themselves or against other people. How many you can shoot or how far you can hit something is a constant battle. While with…

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Mohs SafariKar the 4×4 no one needs

The Mohs SafariKar is a vehicle you absolutely don’t need but wouldn’t mind your friend owning. The design looks to be straight out of Thunderbirds but there is a method…

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Q and A with Olympic gold medalist Amber English

This Q&A from Field and Steam with Amber English offers a fantastic insight into what life is like for an Olympic Athlete. In Ambers case shooting looks to have been…

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Double Gunning with Ian Coley MBE

It’s amazing what the youtube algorithm will gift you after searching for some shooting content. In this case its a fantastic rundown of the benefits of double gunning and how…

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Dog theft is set to become its own crime

During lockdown we’ve seen the price and acquisition of dogs grow exponentially. Dogs have tripled in prices and more in some cases. The insatiable demand has drawn the attention of…

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