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A guide to gifts for your shoot host

Once you’ve RSCP’d to your latest shooting invite your role as a guest isn’t complete. As a gesture of gratitude, gifting your host will put you in good stead for…

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Mitchell and Webb Veterinary Hospital

After 2021 started in the manner in which we hoped it wouldn’t, we wanted to share this Mitchell and Webb sketch. A tongue and cheek sketch featuring a Pheasant and…

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What Brexit means for Fieldsports

Brexit as a topic is something we haven’t discussed on this website before. It’s been discussed relentlessly since the outcome of the vote but pertinently it does affect fieldsports. As…

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How has lockdown affected new dog ownership

Lockdown has been a catalyst for dog ownership in the UK. For many of us, our furry companions have been a lifeline under lockdown. However, for many these furry friends…

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Why Scotland SHOULDN’T ban Grouse shooting

Recent news has been trending on Scotland’s plan to license Grouse shooting. A step further than this is the total ban of grouse shooting. Many of these articles use emotive…

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Legal push to ban lead shot sooner defeated.

Background A recent legal push to ban lead shot in the next 2 years has been deemed “unnecessary”. A labour lead directive was calling for lead shot to be banned…

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