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The Shoot App Setup Guide

So, you've downloaded and installed The Shoot App - what next? 

This guide is to help get connected to your ‘guns’ and explain the best order to set-up The Shoot App.

For the full app user guide, click here.

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  • 1 Initially the first thing to do is go to Guns and allow the App to access your phone contacts, so you can Invite a gun.
  • 2 There are two tabs when inviting a gun. The tab on the left, Registered is people in your contacts who have already downloaded The Shoot App. The tab on the right, Not registered, lists all your contacts who have e-mail addresses within your phone contacts, who have not downloaded The Shoot App.
  • 3 The ideal way to Invite a gun is via Registered. To Invite a gun who is Not registered, select one or all of the e-mail addresses shown. They will then receive an invitation to download The Shoot App and connect to you as a Gun. If you don’t have their e-mail on your phone contacts, you can invite them by manually entering their e-mail at the top of the Not registered screen.
    Note: In Not registered, contacts will only be displayed if an e-mail is saved under their name within your phone contacts.
  • 4 Alternatively text your friends the App Store or Google Play link to download The Shoot App and ‘gun request’ them via Registered once they have downloaded the app!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add my friends to join me in the App?

  • To add your friends you will need the most up to date email address you have for them.
  • The app will present you all the email options that you have for you friend in case you have more than one email address for that person.
  • Once you send the Invite they will get an email prompting them to download the app and once they register you will be connected automatically once they open the app
  • If you know that the person you’re inviting already has the app then you’ll find them in the Registered tab in the invite window

Why do you need my mobile number?

  • We take your mobile number at registration so that we can speed up the invite process as we use the mobile number to find contacts from your address book

Why isn’t my shoot listed?

  • We have looked high and low to find shoots details but inevitably we missed a few.
  • To get your shoot listed please use the List my shoot form that you can find at the bottom of this page.
  • Once we have reviewed the form we can upload the shoot for you and you’ll have control over the bio and the photos!

My shoot is listed but I didn’t upload it.

  • We’ve uploaded the shoots that we’ve found online and are in the process of contacting these shoots to try and hand their accounts to them.
  • There is no cost to getting your account so if yours is listed please contact us at

Can I backdate my gamecards.

  • Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can do at the moment.

Can I keep my clay pigeon scores here?

  • This app has currently been designed to register game shooting activities but nothing is stopping you from registering clay pigeon as a private shoot.
  • A dedicated clay pigeon facility is in the pipeline for version 2.

Can anyone add me on the app

  • If someone has your email address they will be able to send you a gun request but its up to you to accept or reject that invite.
  • It's always up to you to accept or reject gun requests.

How much of my information can people see on the app?

  • If you aren’t connected with someone they wont be able to see anything about you.
  • If you are already connected, then you will be able to see what shoots you have in common and show you the days you’ve shot together as well as mutual gun connections.

How do I contact the shoots on the app?

  • We recommend contacting your local sporting agent to get in touch with any of the shoots listed on the app.

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