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What is Back Boring and should you care?

Back boring is a buzzword when it comes to Shotguns and used by brands to market new guns. Claims include better accuracy, less felt recoil and extended range is this…

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The least German advert for the Mercedes G Class

Mercedes’s G Class is one of the most versatile models in its class. With the choice of a sensible diesel and the outlandish AMG model you have versatility, speed or…

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The History of Tweed and Fieldsports

When we think of shooting there are some things that come to mind almost instantly. Working dogs, Land Rover Defenders and tweed. While the first two serve a clear purpose,…

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What is the Macnab Challenge and why is it special

The Macnab challenge is what the triple crown is to F1 racing, completing the challenge grants you entry into a very exclusive club. The rules for the challenge are painfully…

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PhD study on the benefits of Shooting completed

Dr Tracey Latham-Green’s PhD on the social impact of driven game is complete. Unsurprising to the shooting community, this has come back as positive. For the detractors on the other…

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What is the future for Peg Dogs in fieldsports

The Field wrote an article recently stating that Peg dogs are in decline and now tolerated at best. The argument is that shoots have decided to stop guns bringing their…

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