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The Medical Detections Dogs Charity

Here at The Shoot App, we’re big fans of the Medical Detection Dogs.  We’ve been supporting them well before the start of The Shoot App and are keen to make…

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Should you buy a dog in lockdown?

This piece from Tim Bonner is brilliant. As an office of more dogs than people we understand the value they add to day to day life. Every day they require…

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St Clair’s Q&A with Shoot Manager, Alex Moreton

A day shooting is the culmination of many factors. Teams of beaters, a well planned series of drives and great company. These factors can make or break a day in…

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James Golding and The Pig

James Golding is a seasoned professional chef with experience at The Savoy, Soho House NY and J Sheekseys on his repertoire. With all this experience, James returned to the UK…

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Shooting is open for Business

As Lockdown starts to ease its time to look forward to what to expect from the shooting industry as we approach the “new normal”. Shooting grounds As we saw in…

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Our top 5 Instagram accounts

Here is a small selection of some of the most informative or most interesting ‘Country Instagram Accounts’, which we enjoy following and think are well worth a follow! From Sporting…

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