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Rishi Sunak & his viral speech on Grouse Shooting

One thing the fieldsports world isn’t used to is public approval from MP’s but this speech from Rishi Sunak is different. At the time, Rishi Sunak is making the case…

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What does Wild Justice’s latest challenge mean for shoots

Wild Justice is claiming victory in their latest challenge to DEFRA but it’s not that clear cut. The focus of the challenge was releasing birds around EU recognised SSSI’s. These…

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The RSPB’s latest stance on Game Shooting

On the 10th of October, the RSPB had its AGM and wrote up its stance on Game shooting. Tabloids have waded in with their opinion on the matter all in…

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The Medical Detection Dogs day at Paddington Station

The Medical Detection Dogs is a charity that we’ve supported for a number of years. Initially, we were so impressed with the dog’s ability to detect prostate cancer but this…

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Land Rover Defender New vs Old

The Land Rover Defender has been on UK shores since 1948. Starting with the series 1 the car has gradually evolved while retaining its classic looks. The series and the…

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Talking Game Q&A

Robert Dubsky Founder, The Shoot App Founded by Robert Dubsky, The Shoot App was created for guns by guns, a small like-minded team based in the home counties. After around…

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