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Is January Shooting the best shooting?

As we come into the final month of the shooting season there’s a feeling that the end is coming. While this is true, it doesn’t mean the shooting goes bad.…

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Our last update on Dotty and Dixie the medical detection dogs.

Just prior to COVID as long ago as that seems, we donated two spaniel puppies to The Medical Detection Dogs charity. You may have seen their work as they took…

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Following the Ineos Grenadier on its first shoot day

The Ineos Grenadier was met with much fanfare when it was announced in 2019. The promise of a utility vehicle using tested mechanical components rather than more electronics was a…

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Q and A with Ineos Grenadier designer Toby Ecuyer

The Ineos Grenadier has been a welcome freshen up to the fieldsports automotive lineup. While we’ve become accustomed to smokey Defenders and increasingly swanky Discoveries those looking for a work…

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28 smallbore over and under

Shooting and shotgun mechanics with Gil Ash

In a follow up to our previous blog we wanted to dive deeper into shooting mechanics. While its easy to talk about gun fit and gun speed it’s harder to…

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Why do we miss when shooting driven game

How did I miss that? This is something we’ve all asked ourselves plenty of times. Whether its a doozy of a driven bird or a cruising Pheasant it’s happened to…

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