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How diverse are UK’s moors

A brilliant video from the Pace Brothers. Set in the moors of Angus Glens they follow the work of the German Game Conservancy as they investigate animal population groups. From…

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Recipe for Pheasant Kiev and mash

We love a good recipe here at The Shoot App and this is one of them! This is definitely a recipe to convert anyone who is uncertain about trying game…

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Should you pluck or to breast your quarry

A great insight of a true hunter gatherer. As we face more and more inward pressure from outside groups should we start looking to ourselves for the answers. Its clear…

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The brilliant story of Sam and Harry

We’re so excited to have the opportunity to share the story of Sam and Harry. Sam is a great guy who has a working Springer spaniel who’s been working desperately…

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Mastering Partridges

A brilliant article from Schoffel and Simon Ward on getting into driven partridge. Partridge provide its own intricacies over other quarry in the UK. Darting and small partridge make a…

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Whats in my shotgun cartridge?

24grams of this or 30 grams of that. When I first got into shooting I didn’t know what i was looking for. I believed the bigger the numbers meant the…

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High flying birds with Ed solomon

Im sure for most people reading this they’ve seen a bird come over and though, “theres no way” only for a fellow gun to take it down with ease. While…

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